Dragometry (feat. Chi Chi DeVayne & Naysha Lopez)

Derrick Barry

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We are the girls of dragometry
All shapes and sizes are what we bring
Rectangle girls of the world

I'm every girl, in a circle I run
You can be square, hun, but don't be a nun
We just wanna celebrate (rectangle girls of the world)

No matter the size, no matter the shape
You may be shaped like a bumblebee
But you're beautiful, girl, just love your body

Rectangle girls of the world
You wanna be seen like a girl on tv
I'm not a stepford wife, I'm your fantasy

Rectangle girls of the world
Well-rounded girls, yeah, we'll give you life
I'm straight to the point and I'm sharp as a knife
Get out of the box, don't be so uptight

Rectangle girls of the world

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